Big Train Vanilla Chai Tea Latte Four 3.5 Lb. Bags

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Our Big Train Vanilla Chai Tea Latte Mix brings together just the right amount of sweet and spicy black tea, honey, vanilla and spices, creating the perfect cup of chai tea latte frappe. This mix can be used to create hot, cold and blended beverages. Just add water, ice and a blender to create the perfect iced chai tea latte frappe, or simply mix with hot water for the perfect cup of chai. Craft your next chai beverage with Big Train Vanilla Chai Tea Latte Mix.

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Big Train Vanilla Chai
Written by Mary Murphy on Nov 24th 2021

Tastes like the old book store chair--delicious.

Review Vanilla Chai
Written by Ira Gurewitz on Mar 2nd 2021

I have used this product for years. I love its flavor and convenience. This shipment came with Raspberry flavor instead. They are correcting the shipment with the correct product.

Need decaf vanilla
Written by Paul J. Holmquist on Feb 21st 2017

Love Big Train vanilla chai tea but need a decaf version of it.

Awesome Vanilla Chai Tea
Written by Sandy Golden on Jan 9th 2017

Have been ordering this product for years now and they are delivered promptly. Last one and only one time one of the bags had a hole in it. The post man said the package smelled great!